Plastics Resins


Toyolac is Toray Brand in the field of Thermoplastic. Toyolac Produts consist of : MABS/Transparent, ABS, MABS, SAN, ASA dan PC-ABS.
The main raw materials in producing Toyolac are adalah Acylic Nitrile, Butadine dan Styrene Monomer.
Our Toyolac Product have been widely used in many kinds of Industry such as Otomotive, Electronic, Electical, Furniture, home appliances and also other applications.

TOYOLAC Resin Line Up

Types Resin Process Features
Transparent MABS, SAN Injection High Impact, High Rigidity, Scratch Resistant, Chemical Resistant
General Purpose ABS Injection & Extrusion High Impact, High Flow, High Rigidity
Extrusion ABS Extrusion Extrusion Thermoforming, High Impact
Glass Fiber Reinforced (ABSG) ABS Injection Glass Fiber Reinforced, High Flow
Glass Fiber Reinforced SAN (ASG) AS Injection Glass Fiber Reinforced SAN
High Heat Painting ABS Injection High Heat, High Flow
High Heat with Glass Fiber ABS Injection Glass Fiber Reinforced, High Heat
Flame Retardant ABS Injection V-0, V-2
Non Halogent Flame Retardant ABS Injection V-2
Painting ABS Injection High Impact, High Flow
High Heat Painting ABS Injection High Heat Painting
Plating ABS Injection High Impact, High Flow
Chemical Resistant ABS Injection High Rigidity, Flame Retardant, V-0
Specialty ABS Blow Molding & Injection High Heat, Abrasion Resistant, High Sliding, High Gloss
ASA ASA Injection & Extrusion High Impact, High Flow, High Heat
Alloy PC-ABS, PBT-ABS, PET-ABS Injection Glass Fiber Reinforced, High Impact, High Flow, V-0

Nylon Resin - AMILAN®

Amilan is Nylon Product from Toray. Nylon is Thermoplastic that formed from amida bond (-CONH-). Resin Nylon has chemical resistance character, heat and pressure.
Toray produce many kind of Nylon Resin such as : Nylon 6, Nylon 66, Nylon 610 dan Nylon Copolymer.

Amilan Resin Line Up

Categories Type Process Features
Unreinforced Nylon 6 Injection Standard, High Flow, High Cycle, Heat Stability, High Rigidity
Nylon 66 Injection Standard, High Flow, High Cycle, Heat Stability, High Toughness
Reinforced Nylon 6 - Grass Fiber Injection Standard, High Flow, Heat Stability, High Rigidity
Nylon 6 - Mineral Reinforced Injection Low Warpage, High Rigidity
Nylon 66 - Grass Fiber Injection Standard, High Flow, Heat Stability
Nylon 66 - Mineral Injection Low Warpage, High Rigidity, High Impact
Flame Retardant Nylon 6 - Unreinforced Injection Non halogen
Nylon 66 - Unreinforced Injection Non halogen, Halogen
Nylon Copolymer Injection Non Halogen, High toughness
Nylon 66 - Grass Fiber Reinforced Injection Non Halogen, Halogen
Anti Abrasion Nylon 6 Injection Unreinforced, Reinforced
Nylon 66 Injection Unreinforced, Reinforced
High Impact Nylon 6 Injection Standard, Heat Stability, High Impact, Glass Fiber reinforced
Nylon 66 Injection Standard, High Impact, Soft
Film Nylon 6 Extrusion Standard, High Slip, Transparency, Deep Drawing
Nylon Copolymer Extrusion Standard, High Slip, Transparency
Monofilament Nylon 6 Extrusion Standard
Nylon Copolymer Extrusion Standard
Blow Molding Nylon 6 - Unreinforced Extrusion Standard, High viscosity, High Impact
Nylon 6 - Glass Fiber Reinforced Extrusion High Viscosity


Toraycon is Polyester-based Thermoplastic which develop with a combination of Toray Technology advantages in the field of Polymeriztion and reinforced resin bonding techniques.

Toraycon Base Polymer is widely used for application, fiber optic, synthetic yarns, monofilamen, master batch and other.

Toray Resin Compound has been widely used for connector, otomotive, electronic, electrical, mechanical and other.

Toraycon has the characteristics of resistance to hear, chemical substances, weather also electrical.

Excellence of Toraycon :

  1. High Cycle Quality based on Crystalization level
  2. Smooth and shiny
  3. Stable dimensions
  4. Anti abrasion and anti wear
  5. Resistant to chemical and heat
  6. Good resistant to electricity
  7. Easy to compound with glass fiber
  8. Low water absorption

Toraycon Resin Line Up

Type Unreinforced
Unreinforced Standard, toughness, high flow, high impact, low warpage
Reinforced Standard, high impact, low warpage, good appearance, head cycle resistance
Flame Retardant Unreinforced V0
Flame Retardant Reinforced Standard, low gass, low warpage, V0, heat cycle resistance


Torelina is PPS Toray Resin that categorized as plastic engineering.

Excellence of PPS Resin :

  1. Heat resistance
  2. Stable dimension
  3. Resistance to chemical
  4. Perfect strength
  5. Fire resistance
  6. Good electical characteristics in high temperature and frecuency
  7. Easy to inject

Torelina Resin Line Up

Type Filler Rate (%) Features
Glass Fiber Reinforced 30-45 High flow, low flash, standard, high resistanc with UV, low impurities, high toughness, high cycle molding
Glass fiber + Inorganic filler Reinforced 50-70 Standard, high rigidity, low warpage, high flow, UL746C, CTI, low flash, low mold temperature, high cycle, high toughness, dimensional stbility
Elastomer Improvement 30-50 High toughness, high heat cycle, low warpage, high flow
Unreinforced - Standard, elastomer improvement
Others 30-65 Carbon fiber, CTI, anti static


Ecodear is Toray Thermoplastic which based on Polylactic Acid (PLA). PLA is the result of polymerization result and crop flour. Ecodar develop with using Toray advanced Technology that is "Nano Alloy Technology" & "Compounding Technology".

Ecodar is currently used extensively for some types of applications.

Ecodear Products Line Up

Type Features
General Purpose Heat resistant, High impact
EABS + PLA alloy
EBio-based content 30%
EEN71 , UL94HB
Transparent Heat resistant, UL94HB
EPMMA + PLA alloy
EBio-based content 30%
EHaze level 2.5
Extrusion Balance of high rigidity and tenacity
EABS + PLA alloy
EBio-based content 40%


PET Resin is thermoplastic polymer which has been widely use in several production process such as injection, extrusion and blowing with application as bottle, water gallon, thermoforming sheet and roofing.

Others Plastic Resin

As trading company PT. Toray International Indonesia also support to meet customer requirement for other Resin. With this way the customer feel more efficient in term of material sourching resin.

Type Grade Application
PP Homo Injection, Thermo & Extrusion Mineral cup, houseware, electronic, straw
PP Random & Block Injection & Blowing Automotive, houseware
GPPS Injection Electronics, houseware, cosmetic packaging, stasionery
HIPS Injection & Extrusion Electronics, food packaging, houseware
HDPE Injection, Extrusion & Blowing Automotive, furniture, packaging, building material
LDPE Injection Packaging, houseware
PVC Extrusion Building material