With our technology, "Toray Advanced Film" developed the types of films that are widely used for Industrial application and packaging.
With the manufacturing spread accross several countries greatly facilitate all our customer to access the film products.

Toray produced some Films with different characteristics.

Polypropylene Film - TORAYFAN®

Torayfan is transparant Film with excellent properties againts electically, mechanical, chemical resistance and high humidity.
With this characteristics, Torayfan is widely used in material Industry such as

Polyester Film - LUMIRROR®

Lumiror is Toray Polyester Film and is recognized as highest quality film in the world.
This Film was founded on 1941 in England and was first manufactured on Industry Scale by Toray Industries in Japan.
Currently, Lumiror has been widely used for many application.

Para-Aramide Film - MICTRON®

Microton is para-aramide film with extraordinary characteristics, such as high level of hardness, endurance and high protection.
Microton has long been used on computer tape recorder and another industrial applications.


Torelina is first PPS film was manufactured by Toray. PPS film has special characteristics such as electrical, stable dimension also high heat resistance.
PPS film has heat resistance over polyester film.
PPS film has been widely used for many applications such as capacitor, electical insulation, other electical component.

CPP Film - Metalion

Metalion is CPP metalize film which is widely used for packaging product.
In this application, the film is coated and given additional properties as protector.
Metalizing CPP film is great for food packaging due to has superior durability.
Using Metalion for food will maintain quality and taste of food for the long term.