Textile & Fiber

In the field of fiber & textile , we supply a variety of textile products following derivatives, such as filament yarn, spun yarn, fabric & staple fiber. Also products related to the garment industry.

Specialty Chemical

Toray is one of the major chemical manufacturers in the market especially for specialty chemical.

Water Treatment

Our experience and technology make Toray become one of Major Membrane Water Treatment Manufacturer also supported by global distribution Network.

Plastic Resin

In the field of Polymer, Toray produce several type of Plastic Resin, such as : ABS, MABS, SAN, AS, ASA, PC-ABS, PBT-ABS, PET-ABS, Nylon, PBT, PPS, PLA, LCP dan PET. As our support to customer, we also supply Plastic Resin which isn't produce by Toray Grup such as PP, GPPS, HIPS, HDPE, LDPE & LLDPE.

Plastic Films

Toray's production Film is widely use for packaging Industry and another Industry.
Toray's Film Product include polyester film, polypropylene film, laminates film, aramid film, PPS film dan CPP film.


With our experience and technology in produce Fiber and Textile, Toray also development our business field into finished product or garment.

Printing material

In the field of Printing, Toray produce printing plate with best quality and high efficiensy level.

In maximazing our support in our customer business activity , we also provide some supporting product required by customer such as ALUMINIUM FOIL (ALU), COPPER FOIL & COPPER TAPE.