Water Treatment

ROMEMBRA - Immersion Membrane Module

Membrane reverse osmosis (Romembra) was develop by Toray using advanced Polymerization technology.
Romembra is used in a wide range application, from desalination of seawater and brackish water also drinking water.

TORAYFIL - Ultrafiltration Membrane Module

Torayfil is micro ultrafiltrasion membrane was develop by Toray using polymerization technology. This membrane was designed to have a better level of efficiency and robustness.

Torayfil is widely used for support the needs of clean water in Industry, sewerage systems and wastewater filtration.

TORAY MEMBREY – Immersion Membrane Modules

Toray membrey used as a component in the Bioreaktor Membrane system (MBR) that effectively removes the retained substance.

With Toray Polymer Technology, Membrey provide excellent extraction performance and durability.

TORAYVINO – Home Water Purifiers

Torayvino is home water purifiers that colaborate membrane technology Toray hollow fiber with carbon active technology.

This water filter works effectively to filter out residual chlorne, turbidity, residual rust, bacteria and other micro contamination.