LP Liquid Polysulfide Polymer - THIOKOL®

THIOKOL LP (Liquid Polysulfide Polymers) is liquid elastomer with low permeabilitas humidity and has tremendous resistance to oil and chemicals.
Made from highly specialized Polymer and sulfur-coated makes THIOKOL widely used as a base polymer for sealant in Construction and civil engineering projects.

Common Applications for THIOKOL LP are :

  1. Construction and civil engineering
  2. Glass Insulation
  3. Aircraft
  4. Adhesives for wet concrete surfaces
  5. As damper material for ship

Pharmaceutical Intermediates

Toray Fine Chemicals produces a variety of chiral compounds with using high technology also supported by our experties in Organic Synthesis.
In the field of Special Synthesis, we have established cooperaation that allows us to easier meet our customer required.

Pharmaceutical Intrmediates Products Line Up :

  1. Unnatural D-(-)- tartaric acid and its derivatives
  2. Natural L-(+)-tartaric acid and its derivatives
  3. Chiral pyrrolidine compounds
  4. Chiral piperazine compounds
  5. Fermentation Products

CTPI Rubber Addit

CTPI is pre-vulcanization inhibitor as additive for rubber process.
Our inhibitors are used for various rubber products such as automotive tires and rubber product for industry.
Our Products also get high reputations due to our amazing quality product.

CTPI is widely used in automotive tires application, rubber belts, glass wiper, rubber spades, rubber hoses and others.