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The electronics business of Toray Engineering Co., Ltd. proceeds with the development of unique technologies to satisfy process needs in the fields of semiconductor- and liquid crystal-related manufacturing equipment, offering industry-standard instruments and equipment as well as Toray-developed products that are leaders in the market.
For the liquid crystal industry, we offer slit coater equipment that makes full use of Toray's unique coating technologies, high-precision bonding equipment for liquid crystal displays, two-dimensional code marking equipment (titlers), and process inspection equipment essential for production management. For the semiconductor industry, we offer high-precision and high-productivity bonding equipment, resin sealing equipment, wafer inspection equipment, profilometers, washers using roll-to-roll technology, and fine patterning equipment such as etching equipment, exposure apparatus, and laser machines. Furthermore, for the liquid crystal and semiconductor fields and other plants, we produce unique measurement and control instruments, such as oxygen analyzers, water quality meters, viscosity meters, and stationary in-tube mixers. We also propose optimum system integration solutions that can collect and manage information relating to a customers' key business processes and then use that information effectively.

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