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Fibers & Textiles


Recycled and high quality. "&+" is a new recycled fiber made from used plastic bottles—a concept known as upcycling.


From the inventors of ultra-microfibers, discover Toray's high-performance suede-like artificial leather, Ultrasuede®, and the artificial grain leather, Ultrasuede® nu. See examples of how the materials have been used and learn about their luxurious feel.


Ecsaine® and GS Felt are proprietary industrial materials from Toray consisting of ultra-microfiber nonwoven polyester impregnated with polyurethane resin. This one-of-a-kind material is gaining plenty of buzz for its unique properties.


Gives greater mobility and comfort in sports. Discover advanced sports textiles that perform on and off the field by incorporating biotechnology, recycling, and environmentally conscious production.


A range of single-use protective clothing using Toray's cutting-edge materials that is suitable for a variety of work environments, from those with considerable dust and grease to delicate clean rooms.


hitoe™ is a functional material that responds to faint electrical signals from the human body. It helps promote good health and safe levels of activity when used for work, sports, medical care, and more.


Our new sensory clothing helps you keep warm and comfortable in cold conditions without feeling sweaty or stuffy.


Highly weather-resistant outdoor clothing made with Toray's proprietary waterproof membrane materials and seam tape technology. Waterproof, breathable, windproof, and durable.

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